MTSA Mission Statement


The Corporation, hereafter referred to as Mantua Township Soccer Association (MTSA), is formed to promote and encourage support of soccer in the Township of Mantua; to promote and encourage the sport of soccer among the youth of Mantua Township and the surrounding communities; to educate the youth of Mantua Township by teaching them sportsmanship and fair play in the sport of soccer and to teach them the benefits of team sport; to promote and encourage the support, pleasure, exercise, and recreation of its members and their children; to promote sociability and friendship among its members; and to manage and conduct entertainment, excursions, and social meetings of its members.


MTSA shall do its best to have every child participate equally. It shall emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork. It shall attempt to seek the best behavior in children through everyone’s positive speech and behavior.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, it is a policy of MTSA that each child will play at least half of each game. The only exceptions to this policy are as follows:

1 - The child is sick or injured
2 - The child chooses not to play
3 - The child is missing practices or is a discipline problem